things not to do

Things not to do on a plane! Aviation, well well,  it is not always as straight foward as it may seem. Every year hundreds of people put them into trouble for silly things, so here are the things you shouldn’t DO !

Don‘t Make Bomb Pranks or Jokes !

You want to reach your destination safe and sound and without any trouble, right?

It all sounds fun when making a joke on the plane, however, many many people have been prosecuted for making bomb scare jokes or pranks. Some people just can’t simply stop making jokes. However, you must realise that making a bomb scare or terror joke is simply not funny.

You might get into a serious trouble if people misunderstand you or your joke. The airline crew have powers to not only off load you but also prosecute you for making such jokes.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohal !

Some airlines have actually banned alcohal on their aircrafts for a simple reason, that people drink too much. Recently, a mother who was arrested as soon as the plane landed told of her ordeal to a local newspaper. She was taken to the police station and had to stay there for 48 hours when her bail was granted.

The potential outfall is that you may end up in a prison and not ruin your holidays. You may also end up paying compensation to passengers who were affected due to your behaviour, so take it as a warning next time !

Noisy? Don’t Be !

Making noise and causing disruption is never a good idea on a public transport. Especially, if you are travelling by a planc. Air passengers are stuck with each other for longer period of time and making noise can cause significant disruption to others.

If you are travelling with children, it is normal young children making some noise. However, it is always a good idea to try to keep them busy with some sort of activity to minimise their fun filled noise.

Don’t Recline Recklessly

If you’re not flying  business class or first class, the chances are that you like everyone else have a limited space. So, if you want to travel hassle free and no arguments then, you shoudln’t selfishly recline your seat. Reclining a seat when there is a meal time is simply no no !

You can recline your seat when most people are asleep and reclining your seat won’t make a fuss. Its better to ask to a person sitting behind you to avoid an argument.


Well, aircrafts aren’t a clean place to be as it may seem. Although aircrafts are cleaned by the cleaning staff after every flight, hence, they are not sanitized after every flight. Millions of people from all around the world travel through the aircrafts, which means various germs on the carpets. You definfately don’t want to get bacteria or fungal infections, so being barefoot in an aircraft is surely not a good idea.