What is Our Affiliate Program

Since 2014, we have been helping passengers claiming compensation in case of a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking. We help thousands of passengers from all over the world.

If you own a travel agency, a website, a blog or a successful social-media-account about travel, aviation, lifestyle or consumer protection? Then you can join our affiliate program and tell your clients and visitors about their passenger rights. This will pay out for you!

How the programme works?

If you decide to become one of our affiliate partners, we will ask you to promote our services online using any combination of websites, blogs, newsletters or emails you wish to use. The programme is entirely free to join, so there is no financial risk. Simply place banner adverts (we have already created these for you) on your website or blog and then promote them to as wide an audience as possible. The more people who see the adverts, the more potential of clients. All banner ads direct the potential client to our website (www.euflightclaims.co.uk) where, once they’ve provided a few detail about their flight, we will be able to find out if they have a valid claim for compensation. For every successful claim that we process, you will receive £35.

Why You Should Let Your Clients and Visitors to Chose Us?

  • Only around 18 % of passengers know their right for compensation.
  • You can earn commission for client referrals.
  • No pain no gain – Only if we are successful, we get a commission.
  • No hidden costs, even if we go to court.
  • 95% of the court cases are won.
  • We will do all the hard work.
  • We have experience in both legal and the aviation industry.
  • Trusted by thousands.

How it Works?

Step 1 – Register with us.
Step 2 – Refer clients and your visitors to us.
Step 3 – Earn money for each successful case!

There are thousands of flight delays, cancellations or over bookings every month, so join now and earn money and promote Flight Delay Claim!

5 Reasons to Partner With euflightclaims.co.uk

High lead fee: A high lead fee with regularly attractive promotional rates and the possibility to earn lot more.

Quick pay out: You get the commission after we accepted a claim. There’s no need to wait until the customer is paid out!

Partnership: Chances to become partner in out business.

Expand your business: References from our clients to you, which will ultimately expand your business.

Potential: Potentially you can earn thousands every month .

Your Questions Answered

Who can apply to become an affiliate partner?

Anyone…business, individual, agents that includes anyone !

We only process claims for European Union flights, therefore, you’d need to be attracting and sending us claims from Europe only. This also includes, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden.

Commission and Payments

For each successful claim that you send to us, you will receive £35 once the case is settled. All payments are made using PayPal, so you will need to set yourself up with an account before you begin promoting our service. Commissions are paid on the 15th of the month for any successful claims settled during the previous month. If you send us certain number of leads, we can further negotiate the commission.

We hope you will find all the information you need to about our affiliate programme.  If you require additional advice, please email Anna, our affiliate programme manager on support@euflightclaims.co.uk


To Become Our Partner Simply Email Us with all your details