How does it work?

We fight for your flight compensation in case of a flight delay, cancelled flight or if you were denied boarding.
Just fill in the form and we will inform you how much you could be owed.
We offer a 100% risk free service with an average claim value of £1200 and can often help claim additional expenses. Compensation for denied boarding, delayed flights, cancelled flights and overbooked flights was established by European Regulation EC 261/04, where airlines are obliged to pay a compensation of 600 euros per passenger for delayed or cancelled flights by three hours or more.

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Fill the form, it takes less than 3 minutes of your time. You can find out if you are eligible for flight compensation straight away.

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We will do the rest

We will manage your claim and contact the airline on your behalf. We will make sure that you are fairly and fully compensated.

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600 Euros

We will contact you as soon as we receive your money from the airline. We will deposit it to your bank account.

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Why Choose Us?

There are number of reasons to choose us !

We Know the Process

Experienced and qualified
We know the aviation industry
97% success rate
We know the law

Save Time and Money

No financial risk to you: £0
Takes as little as 3 minutes
High chances of success
No win No fee

Best Services

Trusted by many
24/7 response
No hidden costs
Offering free guidance

Our Fees

We will deduct a success fee of 25% plus £25 per passenger admin charge. Should we not be successful, there are no costs for you!

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Clients Testimonials

Read the reviews from many of our happy clients

Emilia Smith
Emilia SmithGym Space

Wow! what great service. I wasn't sure how to claim for compensation. EU fligth claims have helped me to get £532 for a delayed flight to Thailand. Keep up the excellent work.

Taylor Bostaan
Taylor BostaanBusiness owner

I spend a significant amount of time searching about how to claim, however, I contacted EU fligth claims and received a compensation. Very happy! Thank you

Azim Malik
Azim MalikBusiness Owner

Can’t fault the company or the amazing support. I missed my connecting flight, EU flight claims helped me to achieve a compensation of £1610 for a family of 4. Great stuff!

David Ola
David OlaSales and Marketing

I tried to deal with the airline directly for an overbooked flight, however, I was turned down when requesting compensation. I forwarded my details to EU fligth claims and recieved my compensation in time. Thank you.

Our Stats

According to a survey only less than 5% claims made directly to the airlines by the passengers are successful.


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Our Skills

Our team includes aviation and legal experts and have mutiple qualifications between us including BA, MBA, LLB, LPC and LLM. We udnerstand the legal process and have helped many claim compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. So, whether your flight was delayed, cancelled, overbooked or you were denied boarding within the last 6 years, we are here to help.
You can contact us for a free advice !



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Why chose EU Flight Claims? Here is a comparison for you.

Doing it yourself

  • No cost risk
  • Very time consuming
  • Minimal chance of success
  • No experience (complex area of law)
  • Stressful (phone calls and paperwork)


  • Expensive, often hundreds pounds
  • Time-consuming (several weeks)
  • Fewer chances of success
  • Unknown experience depends on specialty

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FAQs: Your questions about flight compensation claims answered

Do you have questions about flight compensation claims or the service we provide? Find the answers here in our FAQ section.

  • What is a flight compensation claim and how can we help?
    If your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked within the last 6 years, you may be entitled to flight compensation. Under the EU Regulation 261/2004 passengers are entitled to claim up to 600 euros per passenger for delayed or cancelled flights. This applies to flights departing from an EU member state or landing within the EU member state. You have no financial risk by claiming through us, not only this, but you will save yourself time and effort involved in communicating with different parties and possible litigation. In addition, we have experience in aviation and legal matters and have an access to different databases including flight movements, weather and news data. By using our knowledge and expertise we take the work out of your hands and increase the chances of your compensation being paid.
  • How much compensation will I receive?
    The amount of flight delay compensation depends on the distance and the length of delay. It is normally between 250 euros to 600 euros per passenger. The amount of compensation is fixed regardless of the cost of the ticket. However, if you are downgraded or there were other issues, the compensation may vary.
  • How to submit a claim?
    Click on the tab "Claim here" and fill in your details e.g, flight date, flight number, number of passengers. It takes only two minutes to fill the form. Once we have received your details, we will then check the claim against our database and prepare your case on your behalf.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you free of cost. Simply send us an email with your question.

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